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Hello August gd bye July! :)
Monday, August 1, 2011 @ 12:31 PM | 0 Comment [s]

caaakk~ yeahh.. today is the first day of August! hahaha..~ Hello august and gud bye july~ may this month will be more cheerfull and happening then july~ ehehee.. (but july is the best la coz g mlancong ngan family to SABAH!) hehehehe~

Love Story: 

thnx for coloring and brighten my day dear Love... I Love u so much!



Dear, You changed my world
With a blink of an eye
That is something that I
cannot deny
You put my soul from
Worst to best
That I was tresure
You My dearest LORETTA 
I wish i could talk t'll
The end of the day
So, i'll end the line
You already know
More then I could Show...

Naaa... very the romantic words i recieve from him! ~weeee....berbunga2 hatiku membaca words yaa.. hehehehe... :)

Okla... stop here.. will update more again next time.. :) addiioooossss~

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