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Marah Tandanya sayang...
Saturday, April 23, 2011 @ 12:15 AM | 0 Comment [s]

A few days ago:

Hurmm...cant beleive it when he said he hate to hear taht i really **** him.. hurrmmm.... <---- me and him jak tau ye..xblh post kat sini.. Bahaya utk kesihatan.. HAHHAA....( Ngekkkk)

Dear Daddy yang Mummy Sayang + Cinta:

daddy..mummy bukan xnak jumpa dgn daddy...mummy dono how to explain..mummy harap daddy paham mksd mummy i..i have told u before..Daddy..sakit sgt rsnya bila mummy dgr daddy ckp daddy benci when i saying that i **** you.. hurmm...plus daddy punya volume suara tu tiba2 naik...<--- and automatic air mata mummy keluar bila smua tu terjadi....and i dono what i have to speak out...it was a bad day for me... hurmmm... sampai2 my sister ask me..why are u crying??and mummy bgtaula skit2 kat dia.. hurmm...lpas luahkan kat dia..i'm feel more better.. tu pun mummy continue lagi nangis.. hurmmm.... mmg bengkak la mata mummy...

* and i really hate this kind of condition where i cant meet him...<--- really2 hate this condition! 
*and the whole nite i'm crying..samapai tertidur..and when i'm wake up..continue it again..<-- bnyk sgt air mata.. HAHAHA...(once a time bah) huhu
*and the whole day also...cant do anything...thinking a lot.. hurmm...
*and yg pling sakit whe he said taht.."Dont ever msg and  call me untill we meet each othrs".. OMG.. its too hard my dear.. hurrmm....

P/S: dear daddy.. jgn marah arr.. hehee.. ni luahan je ni... =)

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