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Legaaa.... =)
Friday, March 4, 2011 @ 11:34 PM | 0 Comment [s]

Finally!Daddy call Mummy td.. hehehe..lega3.. hahaha...Thnx God!Daddy dh slmt smpai..aduiii...tersangat2 la worry about u daddy! hehehe..Seriously!last nyte xdpt tdo sgt..pusing sana,pusing sini..smpai xsedar mummy dah tdo.. then lmbt lg tu bgn this morning! hahaha... a bit Lucu! hehehe...hepi sgt daddy ada call! hahaha.. hilang segala risau2.. huhuhu(aduii...klau daddy tgk ni kan,for sure dia akn ckp:Mcm la ddy nak pg PERANG!) hahaha...tersangat2 la grnty! hehehe.... urmm..can't wait he say that words! hahahahaha.. urrmmm... 


Ake Sayang daddy!!!!! ayen ala' daddy jen mummy!... hehehe...(apa mksd tu daddy?) heehehe...

28 december 2010... will not forget this date! hope so daddy will not forget about this date! hehehe....

Love u very much AaRoN SiM! Do U love me?? really hope no one can halang us daddy!

LoReTTa UsoN LaWai LoVe aARoN SiM!

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